2:44 AM

Work has been pretty stressful all along, and it became worse when there's lack of manpower, when credit cards were down etc..

Anyway horray that one of my close friend is finally back to SIN these few weeks and managed to catch him up this evening.
SIN can get super boring sometimes, lack of interesting places to visit. I don't even know what's there much to do when I meet my friends, except the usual cafe hopping, movies, shopping. Anyone has any better recommendation?

Decided to test out my photography skills that I've experimented recently, and wanted to explore JP at the west side of our country as I heard there's a mini HKG in that mall, but he said "too far lah, need passport"...LOL I've never been to that place before but ok agreed it's a tad far. lol 😀 
Damn, so dropped the interesting photography plan, we ended up going Karaoke after catching up over dinner, which isn't bad because HEY, KARAOKE?! THAT, is like one of my most favourite thing to do. Haha and I can finally make use of my gift voucher which I've gotten as from my previous workplace. Overall been a pretty fun evening of singing and supper, together with another good friend of his. Nice easy going chap haha.

I think the next Karaoke session will be next year. lol


1:00 PM

Been busying prepping for filming these two weeks, memorising my scripts etc.
This weekend's filming at Cineleisure was a success yay, thank you every behind-the-scene crews that made everything smooth for us.
Was nice working with my co-host, XY. It's our first time hosting together, but didn't worry too much of our on-screen chemistry together 'cos we know each other in person, 蛮聊得来的。我们俩就很无厘头。哈哈
But the only thing was both of us 笑点很低,so you can guess there were a couple of NG takes because XY kept laughing, and I end up laughingtoo because XY kept laughing. HAHA

Anyways, a big thank you to KBOX Singapore for being our main Sponsor :)
Shall let some of the photos do the talking!


Our hardworking crews, and director etc doing all the set ups.

 Segment 2 of filming, let's get started..


Segment 3 



Jam day

6:30 AM

August's been very busy yet fruitful.

18th August's gig performance at St. James Power Station turned out quite successful, despite the slight hiccups here and there, it's FULL HOUSE!!! and the pub got a shock, thanking us that they sold out the whole pub's 2 weeks supply of alcohol! haha anyway The Kross keyboard almost gave all of us an heart attack minutes right before our performance due to a faulty plug, unable my keyboard to start up. Luckily the technician managed to resolve everything, if not tony would be cursing. haha
thank you all friends and everyone else who came down to support!!

good ol' friends :)

Recent announcements, company is slowly getting back on track, and my start-work date has been pushed forward 2 months, which is sort of a good news! don't have to go middle east anymore! new semester school fee payment due soon, my head gonnabe on chopping board again for payment $$$$$ :(.. part time working for own pocket money while studying & is really tiring mentally and physically, but soon it will be over, will be over, I hope. Can't really complain too much as you have to pay for what you get, fufiling dreams never come easy or for free, unless you come from wealthy families.

Anyway so classes has been accelerated a bit this month onwards. Been starting to bring around an organizer to keep track of my daily to-do work/school/exams since June. Overwhelmed workload, dates or days or timing gets messed up easily. Nowadays, being able to sit down relaxing and having a good meal properly is perhaps a luxury of time and life.
Was suddenly told that my 2nd last exam will be in 2 weeks (instructor got messed up with the dates and names so he booked the wrong date so ended up my exam became sucha sudden rush. holy crap), and 1 week of course following after that. Basically whole month of sept schedule is gonnabe crazy, barely could fit my part time work schedule into it.
Hopefully everything is smoother sailing. God bless me and my sim buddy.

Hanging in there....



6:30 AM



music showcase

3:56 PM

First gig performance this 18th August 2014 night at St James. Nervous and excited. stage fright still exist. Anyway do come and down join us, a night of good music while you enjoy your dinner and drinks with great company of friends. Wave goodbye to those Monday Blues! :)

serious rehearsing with my band mates in the studio.

Use trent's ipad to read my music sheets, no more paper music sheets.
Damn those technologies.
and yes, i'll be playing NUMB by linkin park. lol

see you guys there! :)


3:53 PM

高烧重病了两个礼拜,体重在一周内减去了5kg。太夸张了, 变underweight.  :(
我是很少生病,但一病就是比较严重,累积了很久然后一下子一次过爆发的那种, 需要较长时间才康复。那么多个月好不容易才增肥,现在又泡汤。Medical Check 快到了,得快快想办法增肥才行。。。



Sundown Marathon 2014

6:23 PM

Today marked the last day of May.
Took part in Sundown Marathon 2014, my first ever race. haha No I did not run the full marathon lah, not so zai. But hey, I don't usually run anything more than 3.2km and this time round, I tried the 10km and FINISHED it, so it's kinda quite an achievement eh? *self pat*

There's always a first time in everything.
I HATE running, but took part just to see how far can my determination go, and how far my ability can stretch. That's all. .

at the venue, Singapore F1 Grandstand pit.

warm up

Heading to the start point.

on the race track. Running and enjoying the night view of Singapore

go go go !
But first, let me take a selfie. hahaha

the only thing i ain't so happy, why adidas no longer the sponsor for this year's sundown?! HAHA
nonetheless, it was an overall good experience. Passed midnight, welcomed 1st June :)

I always feel that you live only once, so just do it and give it your all. I just hope that I won't get too much of legs sore tomorrow. heh
till then.


10:19 PM

Shocked to learn that a junior of mine passed away. Thank you for the good flts and fun memories together.
RIP Jaez, may your pure soul rest in peace.


Farewell Jo' !

10:30 AM

Had a farewell for Jo' yesterday night, my good ol' buddy from Canada, and also a gathering with my old friends.
He will be heading to the desert. haha It's always unbearable when your friends gonna leave, but we are happy for them at the same time because they are moving onto a higher height in life :)


my long time! yay (:

Take care and all the best! Thank you for all your good words of encouragements for my past years.
This is not yet a goodbye, but see ya later Jo', maybe some day on air :)


10:07 AM

been busy these few days, back to full throttle.

Now we had fixed paired up partners and switching again roughly every 2 months. Things were okay so far, but due to the long hours and now combining of all the full procedures, we were quite mentally and physically exhausted after each session.
many things coming together at one go, a lot of teamwork, a lot of multitasking within a short period of time, everything happens fast, within a snap with your fingers, you gotta know what's next, like wise  - think ahead.
erasing the old c172 stuffs off the brain memory and getting used to new flaring.

Every t/o and ldgs are crucial moments.
The more dangerous the situation is, the more focused we need to be but not tunneled vision.

ciao, back to do more mentalwork before I hit the sack early. 加油,周诗琪!



4:00 PM

the bunch of bros arrived Singapore yesterday evening, and got to my house at night. it was quite late, brought them to dinner nearby my place.

First meal of Fish Head curry.
They were pretty excited upon seeing FISH. haha in aussie, we only got to eat fish fillet.

Playing tour guide.
Day 2: Drove the happy friends around for a city tour!

Brought the bros to dinner at Havelock Road 大排档 with my parents.
Quality hours of chat session. over eating and a lot of fish head curry again.
Garic says he wanna slim down during these 2 weeks of stay in sg, I said its difficult! haha
today he said: In aussie we didn't had much good food outside but we did still gain weight, now in sg, at the rate we are eating like this everyday, and more good food, I will go on diet another time then. hahaha

Bromance selfie!

50% strength of the clique

sending them back

We all had quite abit of fun for this weeks, and today also marks the end of school break. 
Back to sim tomorrow, full throttle.

Wish them all the best for their future career! 有缘再相聚!